Hall of Stains (Custom Made & Sold Out Designs)

Looking for a specific design you no longer can seem to find? Browse the Tie Dye Hall of Stains below to explore my past ooak designs now frozen in time! Showcased are some of my recent custom commissions, special requests and sold-out one of a kind tie-dyes that are now gone forever!
Search for that one special, captivating wearable work of art that imprinted itself in the back of your mind — and once you find your long-lost fav(s), feel free to include a link(s) and/or attach a photo or screenshot when you send in your Custom Tie Dye Order Request! 

For a complete, detailed guide to all of the sizes and styles available and ready to custom dye in your choice of colors and pattern, please reference the new & improved Custom Tie-Dye (Clothing) Product Info & Availability page.