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A Handmade-to-order vibrant rainbow splatter gradient tie dye shirt, handmade to order on a 100% pre-shrunk cotton Gildan brand, crewneck style, short sleeve adult t-shirt.

Your reverse rainbow splatter tie dye shirt will be hand-dyed when ordered in your selected size. 

Please keep in mind: each tie dye turns out distinctly unique and is genuinely one of a kind. Your finished t-shirt will very slightly vary from the example(s) pictured above. 

 All tie dye is hand-dyed in small batches with professional grade, permanent fiber reactive dye. And when finishing up, is double-washed with Synthrapol (a textile detergent designed to remove excess dye particles that failed to permanently bond to the fabric). This ensures your tie dye will remain vibrant, rich in color, and will not bleed/stain other garments during wash cycles, nor fade over time. 

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