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Hey Mark, welcome to your very own custom webpage LOL!

I had an idea, since I previously uploaded a small fraction of the pics I tried sending in what was suppose the be that 2nd email to my website, I can add the ones I have on here to their own webpage and send you the link! I originally started a blog post shortly after getting the most recent of these pics featuring some of my little day trips around the state, just never got around to posting it (along with plenty of other things..) 

Anyway, let's see what little I have to share this way instead... 

Above is one of the beaches of Lake Huron. This is in Caseville, Michigan. it's a town at the tip of the MI "thumb", the type of place w/ few year round residents or businesses open; consists of mostly summer homes. But it's one of the more popular "up north" spots to go.

The above pics were all at the end of April, the lake was still partially frozen. That's my mom & I in the one.

above is that same beach in the summertime 
Now I think I mentioned something (many emails back at this point) about the road trip up to Caseville when I went this past spring w/ my mom being the most fascinating part, felt like driving through a portal back in time. 
This old retro gas station (above) was one of those cool sights. It still had two retro style pumps out front and what looks like an oil furnace or something in the brush.
And this abandoned antique store that still had some old fashioned looking "Pepsi Cola" & "General store" text on the brick along the side of the building facing the road 

Then, also on this same stretch of road, I saw easily, hands down, the ODDEST thing on a front lawn in my entire life. Can you spy it without looking further first!? 

Well, I'm about to spoil it, anyway....there's an entire PLANE on this lawn! Now I have no idea whether it was a real, functioning one at some point in time...or is some sort of life sized replica. Definitely was an interesting "not something you see everyday" (...or ever!) type of thing, (to me, at least), worthy of a picture or few lol. 
Also, early on in the ride to Caseville, we passed this eerie house that looked it'd be the most haunted of haunted houses. Only to later learn this exact house is apparently an infamous haunted house in Michigan. 
This little farmhouse above is one that my mom & I discovered about 10yrs ago now, on one of our many casual day cruises out in the country. It's also off of Van Dyke on a road called Ebeling. My mom has more pics of it from over the years and says its really noticeable when you compare them just how much its changed and further deteriorated over just that amount of time. 
I've never been able to find any information or history about this house online whatsoever. My best guess is it was built sometime in the 1800's. We have no shortage of similar structures, abandoned houses and little one room school houses, similar to this all over the place, esp. in the more rural areas. 
Above is just a little historic train stop we happened upon during that same drive to Caseville. 

Above is a random dirt road out in the country, this was a couple years ago. We went out driving to find some classic fall colors on the trees...that's something that's been vanishing (along with the birds!), at least around here. Each year the trees change colors less and less, and instead seemingly go from green to instantly brown and falling off. It seems like hardly any go through a phase of changing colors, like how all of these on this 1 road did. Used to be nearly all of them, everywhere in the state would.

Does your part of NorCal experience the 4 seasons and have trees that change to the classic autumn colors, too? If so, have you noticed the same thing happening over there at all?!   

There's a town called Romeo that's also basically "in the country" (also off of that same road, Van Dyke), but is still a short drive from populated metropolitan areas. The only way I can describe it is like a real life version of how a charming, idyllic, small country town is oftentimes portrayed in movies. Especially the little downtown area; I so wish I had pics of it to include, its so adorable. But, I've been wanting to go back soon anyway so I'll be sure to get some pics when I do sometime in the near future! surrounding Romeo's downtown area, are a handful of residential streets full of big, beautiful historic homes. One street in particular, though, Tillson St., every year for Halloween EVERY house on the block goes all out on decorations. It's a well known, yearly tradition for many Michiganders to trek out from all over the state to take a stroll down Tillson when it temporarily turns into a real life Halloween town! 
Really wish I had some pics that show a more zoomed out perspective of the street & houses on it, that'd probably give you a much better look at just how elaborate it really is. Ah well, mental note taken to do so on this year's trip. 

Above is the another bridge to Canada, called the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron (about an hour drive north from where I live). 

Above is a little picnic area/scenic lookout area off of a road called M-25, which has an awesome scenic drive along the coast of Lake Huron for a good stretch of the way. Pictured left is a map showing where this was at (along the "thumb"). 
Another thing you don't see every day around here are turkeys loitering in a shopping plaza, being aggressive and deterring people from going to the stores they were nearest! This happened near my mom's about an hour away. We don't have wild turkeys in my exact area, but within a 30 min drive in almost any direction I'd say.
There's cougars out by my mom's, too! Now, if you were to google that, the internet will probably still claim "cougars do not live in MI....sometimes they just pass through". I've heard this is done purposefully, because if the DNR were to acknowledge that they did in fact live here, they'd have to allocate resources toward whatever it is they'd have to do in regards to managing the species, or something. Which makes more sense to me than "they don't live here, must be seeing things", when there's no shortage of them being captured on people's security/trail cameras. Anyway, that was a random side tangent that came to mind.
Gosh, this is probably the most boring thing I could've went on about. Considering you have waaay more gnarly animals out there by you, big cats are probably as exciting as seeing a squirrel is around here...(NOT exciting at all, lol).