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Paradisiac Psychedelic Handmade Goods
   Paradisiac Dyes finally manifested on December 1st, 2019 after long contemplating the weighing thought, “Detroit Tie Dye Co. is a fitting brand name for now, but I can just sense with every ounce of my being that this isn’t the permanent name of my business”.
   Although I couldn’t think of anything better at the moment, my intuition told me that the most unique, creative name would come to me naturally when it’s meant to. So instead of sitting down with pen and paper to ‘brainstorm’ ideas, I did just that and waited for an epiphany to strike me out of the blue. Finally, on December 1st, 2019 after browsing synonyms of trippy words, it hit me. Paradisiac: Of, relating to or resembling paradise. 
    Even long before the beginning of my journey of sharing my handcrafted goods with the world via Etsy began back in 2014, I’ve always felt an overwhelming allure to all things tropical; from climate and the lush landscapes and plants to the colors and aesthetics of the clothing and incorporation of nature’s gifts in their jewelry and style. 
   My first Etsy shop, opened in 2014, was ‘Beach Bum Boutique’ which I more often referred to and marketed as ‘Beach Bum Tie Dye’. My art always has and always will be inspired by my deep, inexplicable love for tropical paradises. Hence, when I came across Paradisiac, I just knew it was the word that aligned perfectly with my long term vision for both my work and lifestyle. 
   Paradisiac Dyes mission is to provide extraordinary, otherworldly designs on unique clothing items and fabrics that go above and beyond the traditional tie dye t-shirt. In addition to offering a more common variety of tie dye t-shirts, tank tops and long sleeve shirts, Paradisiac Dyes takes pride in specializing in wildly unique wearable art in the form of both endless color combinations, but also unique patterns and one of a kind clothing items that you will never find anywhere else!
   Each and every product available is handcrafted by sole founder, owner and crafter, Cass. Due to genuinely creating all of our own products, we’re able to more easily accommodate custom order requests and closely replicate any specific pattern or color scheme on a different size or style!