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— Featuring a cool, refreshing blend of blue and gray shades in a trippy geode reminiscent design.

— Made with a 100% rayon scarf which measures 77” (inches) total radius and 21.5” in width. 

— You will receive the exact same tie dye scarf pictured in the photos above.

Care recommendations for this delicate fabric: Please hand wash and air dry for best results. Please do not machine wash or dry. 

— Hand dyed with professional grade, permanent fiber reactive dye. This ensures your tie dye will remain vibrant, rich in color and will not bleed or fade over time. 

—  Due to the abstract, hand-dyed nature of the geode designs created by Paradisiac Psychedelic Handmade Goods, this scarf features an entirely different appearance each time it’s worn and boasts a distinctly unique pattern on each side! 


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