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Size — Women’s Medium 

Brand — Old Navy First Layer Tank 

- Featuring a dreamy, uplifting blend of pastel shades, including pinks, yellows and blues in a trippy geode reminiscent design.

- Due to the abstract nature of our exclusive duo-sided geode pattern, the front and back side of this tank top each feature a distinctly unique pattern! 

- Made with a 95% cotton, 5% spandex Old Navy scoop neck, layering style women’s tank top. 

- You will receive the exact same tie dye tank top pictured in the photos above. 

- Features smooth fabric with a slight stretch. This particular style is not a ribbed tank top. 

- Hand dyed with professional grade, permanent fiber reactive dye. This ensures your tie dye will remain vibrant, rich in color and will not bleed or fade over time. 


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