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Kick back and relax with the uplifting, kaleidoscopic colors of this hand dyed, one of a kind rainbow splatter pattern tie dye body pillow pillowcase.

— 100% Cotton

— 400 Thread Count 

— Body pillowcase measures 21” x 60” with a 4” hem and is designed to fit body pillows measuring 20” x 54” (inches). 

— You will receive the exact same tie dye pillowcase pictured in the photos above.

— Features a multitude of pink, orange, yellow, green and blue shades. 

— This listing is for one (1) individual pillowcase. The photos above depict both sides of the same pillowcase, which may very slightly vary in color and appearance. 

— All items are handmade with professional grade, permanent fiber reactive procion dye. This ensures your tie dye will remain vibrant, rich in color and will not bleed or fade over time. 


— Machine wash* tie dye fabrics in cold/cool water with any non-bleach, non-chlorinated detergent of your choice.

— Machine dry on low heat.

— For tie dye bedding and pillowcases, it’s recommended to wash only with other linens and avoid mixing with items containing zippers, buttons or hooks that could potentially snag, tear or otherwise damage cotton fabrics.

— Some products, such as bandanas, are machine washable, yet not recommended to be machine dried - But instead require air / hang drying in order to maintain and preserve the quality of the fabric. 

— All products are hand dyed, following the same careful process which ensures the fabric is permanently dyed and that the color and vibrancy you see, is what will remain despite how many wears and washes it experiences!
This process entails soaking the blank white fabrics in a sodium carbonate based solution, designed to prepare the fabric for the chemical bonding process that’ll occur between molecules of both the fabric and dye particles. The dye particles then permanently bond to the fabric during the tie dyeing process. Next, the fabric is thoroughly rinsed to remove all excess dye that’s failed to permanently fuse with the fabric. Lastly, immediately following rinsing, the item(s) are double-washed in hot water with a Professional Textile Detergent - whose purpose is to remove any stubborn, remaining excess dye that didn’t come out while rinsing. All of these steps serve to ensure your handmade tie dye won’t bleed when washed, nor fade over the years and many wash cycles to come!

* = Nearly all products available here on the Paradisiac Dyes website are machine washable, with few exceptions such as rayon infinity scarves, a small number of up-cycled garments, etc. Please always reference the individual product description of any item(s) of interest — as this is where Care Instructions will be noted if they differ in any way from our general Care Recommendations. 

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