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A wildly unique, one of a kind, kaleidoscopic design boasting an abstract, symmetrical ice dyed pattern. Featuring vibrant rainbow colors with shades of hot pink and violet, orange, yellow, green, teal, turquoise and purple radiating from the center of the design outward — and a pronounced vivid, electric blue "X" shape in the dead-center of the design amidst the fiery fuchsia-toned core. 

Measures approximately 85" x 96" (216 cm x 244 cm). 

Made with a 100% cotton, 300 thread count full size flat sheet. 

You will receive the exact same tie dye flat sheet/tapestry pictured in the photos above.

All tie dye is hand-dyed in small batches with professional grade, permanent fiber reactive dye and is double-washed with Synthrapol (a textile detergent designed to remove excess dye particles that failed to permanently bond to the fabric). This ensures your tie dye will remain vibrant, rich in color and will not bleed/stain other garments during wash cycles, nor fade over time. 

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for merely a flat bed sheet – This item does not include eyelets, or other forms of punctures as you might expect to find as a standard feature on a traditional, proper tapestry. However, this flat sheet can be repurposed in endless creative, fun ways around the house and beyond!

Some ideas include: 
Use it (for its original intended purpose) as a top sheet or show it off to guests and keep as a light throw blanket on the sofa, or drape it over a couch, beanbag or lounge chair.
Serves as the perfect key foundational fabric for building the world's best blanket fort — or twist 'n turn it up into the trippiest toga to wear at your next toga party!
Tie dye flat sheets are also especially perfect to utilize as either a table cover, or backdrop for an otherwise bare canopy tent wall, for vendors desiring a pop of one of a kind color in their future booth displays at fair and festival events
Transform it into a tapestry simply by hanging on a wall with thumb tacks (as demonstrated in the above photos) — or be bougie and have grommets added* (in your choice of color!) and turn it into a literal tie dye curtain panel or doorway divider/partition! 

* Up-charge applies. Pricing for grommet installation varies depending on desired number and size/style.