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Size — Men’s Small

Brand — Abercrombie & Fitch Muscle Button Down 

Material — 100% cotton

- Wildly unique, one of a kind men’s button down tie dye shirt featuring an array of gray and black shades in a trippy geode design.

- Made with a new (without tags) Abercrombie & Fit ‘Muscle’ style button down shirt.

- You will receive the exact same button down shirt pictured in the photos above.

- Measures 20” x 27” (width x length) and fits a chest measurement of approximately 38-40”. 

- Each sleeve measures approximately 24.5”.

- Handmade with professional grade, permanent fiber reactive dye. This ensures that your tie dye will remain rich in color and will not bleed or fade over time. 

- This brand and style of button down shirt is the only one available and cannot be custom ordered in different sizes or patterns.