Past Custom Tie Dye Commissions


Browse some of the custom commissions I've completed over the years

Take a trip in the tie dye time machine and have a look at some of the projects I've completed throughout the past few years that you otherwise wouldn't see here on the site, or really anywhere else, for that matter. 

This page is not only intended to be a portfolio of sorts; a place to showcase some of my past projects. But, also to serve as a reference point for those who may be considering entrusting Paradisiac Dyes with their next order for handmade, one of a kind tie dye!


࿊ Examples of custom requests
 ࿊ Special orders (ft. items sent-in by buyers to dye)
 Plus, side-by-side comparisons that show just how much some (of the more difficult to recreate) designs may vary from the originals they were inspired by.



Custom requests are any tie-dyes made on items regularly offered for custom dyeing by Paradisiac Dyes. Many consist of the customer's choice of color combination and pattern, while some are recreations of/inspired by other designs I've made.


Collage featuring a custom requested pullover hoodie in a cotton candy splatter ice dyed pattern

Pictured above: a custom pullover hoodie, made in a pink and blue/purple splatter gradient ice dyed design. 


Four rainbow geode v-neck tie dye shirts folded in half and laid flat side by side
Collage featuring four rainbow geode v-neck tie dye tees handmade by custom request

Pictured above: A custom request for four American Apparel Fine Jersey Unisex V-Neck style tees, made in a rainbow geode designwhich features a totally different, unique pattern on each side!


Pictured above: a request for a random mix of finished, ready-to-ship tie dye tees to screen-print with their branding. 


Collage featuring an order for a dozen rainbow ice dyed spiral youth t-shirts in the making
Collage featuring three finished rainbow spiral ice dye designs for a custom order request
Another collage featuring a different three finished rainbow spiral ice dye designs for a custom order request
Pictured above: a custom order for 10 or 12 (I forget) rainbow spiral ice dye youth t-shirts.


Collage featuring three custom color ice dyed spiral t-shirt designs, made for a special requestCollage featuring three custom requested rainbow spiral ice dye designs on short sleeve t-shirtsCollage featuring three special requested tie dye t-shirt designs
A pebbles splatter pattern tie dye v-neck t-shirt, handmade for a custom order request

Pictured above & left: a custom order for a handful of tees, most of which were made in the buyer's choice of color combinations. Only a few were inspired by t-shirt designs already available on the site. 


Collage featuring a customer's 25 year old tie dye long sleeve shirt on the left, and the custom replica I attempted of it on the right

Pictured above: on the left is a photo of a customer's 25+ year old favorite tie dye shirt, and on the right is the recreation I came up with.
(In this particular instance, due to the significant difference between the two designs, I insisted that I'd be glad to take another shot at making a much more similar replica, but he'd adamantly turned down the offer and claimed to be happy with the results). 


Three green, white & black horizontal striped, ombre gradient tie dye tees laid flat, next to one another, on a solid black background
A few dozen green, white & black horizontal stripe, ombre tie dye shirts, handmade for a custom order Few dozen green, purple & black ombre gradient tie dye short sleeve shirts, handmade for a custom request
Example of a tri-color horizontal striped gradient tie dye t-shirt design, featuring (top to bottom): green, purple & blackPictured above & right: a custom order for 40 gradient design tees. 20 featured green and black with a white center, while the other half featured horizontal stripes of green, purple and black.


200 rainbow sunburst t-shirts for a bulk sized custom tie dye request, displayed on clothing hangers
Pictured above & left: a custom order for a few hundred rainbow sunburst tees, designed to allow for a logo to be screen-printed on the upper right side. In this instance, the buyer provided images of the design needed, as nothing of the sort was depicted as an option on the site at the time of their request.

Click through the slideshow below for a peek at this order in-the-making
  • Dozens of rainbow sunburst tie dye tees in progress for a large custom order request, filling the entire studio workspace
  • The other side of the tie dye studio also packed full of dozens of tie dye tees in progress for a bulk size custom order
  • Another view of the tie dye bar & studio while a large custom order for over 200 rainbow tie dye shirts is in progress


A super special custom order (sometimes also referred to as 'special orders') are slightly different from custom requests; the only distinction being that they all feature goods that were provided by the buyer to be custom dyed.
In some instances, people have chosen to send in their own long-time loved item(s) like comforters, blankets, or clothing.
In many cases, others have opted to order their preferred clothing online, or amount of fabric needed from a supplier, etc. Oftentimes, shipping the package directly to me to begin custom dyeing upon delivery, in order to save time and unnecessary, additional shipping costs.
In these scenarios, I obviously only charge for the cost of the dye job and return shipping. This is generally the most cost effective way to go when it comes to products that are not otherwise available options for custom requests.


Collage featuring (from left to right): custom tie dyed fleece fabric that's sewn into a sweatsuit on a product model, in the center is custom NFL team color tie dye hoodies
Custom tie dyed NFL team colored fleece fabric and pullover hoodies

Yards of fleece fabric being tie dyed in a rainbow splatter designPictured above & right: A large project for a local luxury sportswear brand, consisting of over 100 custom sports team color tie dye hoodies, as well as some yards of fleece fabric that was turned into hoodies and sweatpants. In this instance, the buyer supplied the hoodies and fabric types of their choice. 


Collage featuring custom tie dyed leggings in three different color combos and patterns
Collage featuring three pairs of custom tie dyed leggings, in designs (from left to right): rainbow with black splatter pattern, rainbow geode, and rasta splatter
A special order for 10 pairs of custom tie dye leggings, each in a different color combo and pattern, all laid flat against one another, on a solid black backgroundPictured above & right: custom dyed leggings, each inspired by a different t-shirt design. In this instance, the buyer would order their favorite brand and sizes online, shipping the package directly to me to do the dyeing!


Pictured above: a vintage Salty Dog Surf Shop tee that was tie-dyed (in an ultra-amateur version of what was intended to be a geode design — one of my first-ever attempts)!


Collage featuring (from left to right): a designer fashion brand high neck sweater, on the right is a custom dyed recreation inspired by itOn the left side is a designer fashion brand high neck sweater featuring a tiger like V pattern, on the right is a custom tie-dyed turtleneck inspired by it
On the left side is a designer fashion brand high neck sweater featuring a blue striped tie dye design, on the right is a custom dyed turtleneck inspired by it

Pictured above: three turtleneck long sleeve shirts sent by the buyer for a custom dye job. The left side photos are what they sent as inspiration for the colors and pattern desired for each turtleneck.


A special request to tie dye a customer's own, personal blanket in a purple & green splatter ice dye design
 Pictured above: an old blanket provided by the buyer to be given an ice-dye makeover in the popular purple slime splatwich splatter design!
15 ft long by 5 ft wide custom tie dye fabric cuts, hand-dyed in a bubblegum pink spiral design
Custom project for 585ft of one of a kind, special made pink spiral tie dye tablecloths that measured 15 feet long each
Pictured above: one of many 15' x 5' ft cuts of fabric, a total of 585ft, custom-dyed in the bubblegum spiral tie dye design to be used as tablecloths for a charity event. 

In this instance, the fabric was sent to me from a supplier of the buyer's choice.
Fabric by the yard is not something Paradisiac Dyes offers directly at this time. But, I'll be more than thrilled to custom dye any fabric that you choose provide, (so long as the dye job is doable by your deadline, of course). 


Up close look at a special request in progress with ice and rainbow colored dye powder on top; for a custom ice dyed baseball jersey

Front side of the finished custom dyed rainbow psychedelic mindscape baseball jersey

 Pictured above & right: a 100% cotton baseball jersey sent-in to be custom dyed in a rainbow psychedelic mindscape design. You can see more pics of this jersey before, in-the-making and finished on one of my behind-the-scenes blog posts!  

A special made dickie's pocket men's t-shirt featuring a recreation of the psychedelic aquascape ice dye design
The original psychedelic aquascape design that the Dickie's tee pictured above was inspired byPictured above: a custom ice dyed Dickie's men's pocket t-shirt. In this situation, someone ordered their preferred type of blank tee online and requested a recreation of this size large psychedelic aquascape t-shirt design (pictured left). 
If your favorite brand, etc. isn't offered by Paradisiac Dyes directly, you're always more than welcome to provide your own clothing item(s) to be dyed, just like the Dickie's tee and jersey both were! 


A special made long sleeve tie dye dress in a custom picked combo of rainbow colors, in a psychedelic symmetry (symmetrical V shaped) ice dye pattern
Similarly, this dress (pictured left) was one that was provided by the buyer, who described the general colors they'd like and requested it be made in the psychedelic symmetrical ice dye design

A custom dyed Victoria's secret pink terry-cloth dress, featuring a rainbow gradient splatter design

Meanwhile, this dress (pictured right) was found at a thrift shop, then brought in for a rainbow makeover. 





This section features side-by-side photos comparing original designs that were requested in a different size, shirt style, etc. The purpose is to highlight just how much variance may occur between two finished designs, despite being made in essentially the same exact colors and general pattern.
Some designs, (like psychedelic mindscapes, for example), feature highly unpredictable, always unique results; making them difficult to replicate extraordinarily similarly, in most cases. Just scroll down to see what I mean for yourself...

A side-by-side comparison of a psychedelic mindscape men's ice dyed tank on the left, and a custom request for a recreation of the same pattern, in a different size, on the right
A side-by-side comparison of a psychedelic mindscape long sleeve shirt on the left, and a special made ice dyed baseball jersey in the same design on the right.
A side-by-side comparison of a psychedelic mindscape design tank top on the left, and a custom requested replica of it in a different size on the right
A side-by-side comparison of a psychedelic mindscape long sleeve shirt on the left, and a custom made replica of the same design, but in a different size, on the right.
A side-by-side comparison of one of my first ever psychedelic mindscape designs on the left, and an attempt at recreating it again years later on the right
A side-by-side comparison of a Psychedelic Aquascape ice dyed design on the left, and a special made replica of it on a Dickie's pocket tee on the right.
A side-by-side comparison of a rainbow psychedelic symmetry ice dye design on the left, and a custom request for a similar design on a long sleeve shirt on the right.
A comparison of a purple urkle marijuana bud inspired ice dyed design on the left, and a special made pair of leggings in the same pattern on the right
A comparison of a ladies' natural agate geode design tie dye v-neck on the left, and a custom made replica of it in a different size on the right
A comparison of a handmade, one of a kind natural agate geode design (left), next to a custom request for a replica of it on a tank top on the right



If you'd like to explore more of my past one of a kind designs, check out the Tie Dye Hall of Stains; a photo gallery dedicated to showcasing sold-out designs specifically. A helpful resource designed for those searching for their long lost favorite design(s) that they're no longer able to find. If that's the case, there's a good chance it might've migrated there (and if it did, feel free to grab a screenshot to include when you request your very own custom replica)!

Two long sleeve psychedelic mindscape ice dye shirts up-close after the ice has already finished melting on both sides
Four psychedelic mindscape tees in the making, covered with ice and rainbow colored fiber reactive dye powder
If you've made it this far, I hope you found this to be a useful resource when it comes to determining whether or not Paradisiac Dyes is the right tie dye shop to contract for dyeing the designs of your dreams!
If my style of work seems to be a good fit for you, feel free to get in touch any time to discuss your custom inquiry.  That's all for now! But, be sure to check back occasionally, as this page will be updated to include more recent customs over time. 
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