Tie Dye Fabric Care Recommendations


Has the preconceived notion of "more hassle", or the uncertainty of how to 'properly' wash and care for tie dyed fabrics prevented you from purchasing a hand-dyed, one of a kind design? If so, keep reading a little further because I have news for you!

Caring for tie dye generally doesn't require any additional steps or special measures when it comes to washing and drying. For the most part, tie dye can be safely washed just the same as, and in most cases, in the same wash load as other like-colored fabrics! 
This page will outline my personal recommendations and suggestions for washing and drying tie dye.
With that being said, please keep in mind: the following recommendations are just that — What I recommend based off nearly 10 years of experience. However, I do encourage taking the following suggestions into consideration for the purpose of maintaining and preserving the overall long-term quality and longevity of the fabric itself as best as possible. All of the tie dye available here at Paradisiac Psychedelic Handmade Goods are colorfast, meaning the color vibrancy is permanent, and will not bleed or fade over the years. 


 Wash in a cold to cool water temp, preferably. You can safely wash your tie-dyes with other like colors without worry of dye bleeding and staining other garments in the wash load. 

࿊ Machine dry on a low heat setting. 

࿊ Do not use bleach, detergents containing bleach, or other whitening agents when washing tie dye.

Avoid wearing tie dye in pools (both chlorinated and non) lakes, oceans, etc. As a general rule of thumb, avoid soaking/submerging in water for extended periods of time outside of regular wash cycles, period. 
Some colors, especially (but not limited to) intense blues, can become susceptible to slight bleeding under these circumstances;  sometimes enough to cause an unpleasant muddied/shadowy cast over the entire piece — please don't take the risk!

࿊ Some items, such as bandanas and infinity scarves, require special care that differs from the above wash recommendations. Please continue to the "exceptions" section below for more info. 


100% COTTON BANDANAS — Machine washable. For best results, do not machine dry (hang to air dry, instead). 

100% RAYON INFINITY SCARVES — Hand wash, do not machine dry (hang to air dry, instead). 

* DISCLAIMER Please refer to the product description of each individual up-cycled item for garment specific care instructions. The above suggestions refer to only the products regularly offered (i.e. 100% cotton bedding products, as well as American Apparel, Fruit of the Loom & Gildan t-shirts, fleece, long sleeves and tank tops).

The care label instructions for up-cycled tie dye will vary for each individual garment, as the up-cycled clothing collection features a much more diverse range of fabric types. 


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