FAQ: Commonly asked questions about our products, custom tie dye orders, shipping & make-times, and more!

FAQ: Commonly asked questions about our products, custom tie dye orders, shipping & make-times, and more!

Welcome to the new and improved FAQ page.
Below you'll find dozens of commonly asked questions, organized by general subtopics. Many answers will include links to other web pages here on the site, which will guide you to more specific informational resources, product collections, etc. 


࿊  Do you have a store I can shop at in person?
No, Paradisiac Dyes is an online-only custom handmade tie dye shop.
࿊  How do I write a review?
Reviews can only be written by those who've previously placed an order. If you've recently made a purchase, you'll receive an email inviting you to leave feedback within a week or so after receiving your package.
࿊  Is there any special way I must wash/dry my tie dye? Do you have fabric care instructions anywhere?
For the most part, tie dye can be safely washed, as you normally would any other clothing, with other like-colors. There are a few exceptions, such as: do not use bleach, or wear tie dye in pools. Otherwise, most things are merely recommendations based on my personal experience, such as using cold-cool water and drying tie dye on a low heat setting. Please refer to the tie dye fabric care page for more tips & suggestions!
࿊  Do you have a phone number I can call to contact customer service?
No. One downside of being a one-person operation (in the most literal sense), is that I’m unfortunately unable to accept calls during a regular, set business hour schedule - and therefore must keep communications confined to email only at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience.
࿊   What determines which designs are put on clearance? Is there something wrong or defective about clearance tie dye?
The clearance section consists of a combination of many older designs that simply haven't sold yet, as well as newer designs that I personally perceive to be less than satisfactory, and thus deem unworthy of listing at full price. Clearance tie dye is no lesser-quality than other items, and are not damaged, defective, previously worn and/or returned, etc. 
On the rare occasion a product with a minor defect or flaw is listed, the title of the product will clearly state "*DEFECT*" at the end, the description will elaborate on what exactly the minor imperfection(s) of the piece are, and the product page will also feature close-up images depicting the flaw(s).
Minor defects include things that won't affect the ability to comfortably wear, or use an item as intended.
Such as tiny holes, snagged or slightly loose threads on seams, as pictured above & right, for example.

Paradisiac Dyes will never intentionally and knowingly sell an item that's defective or damaged beyond being able to wear or use comfortably. If you ever receive an order that doesn't measure up to your expected standard, please get in touch as soon as possible; as your satisfaction is my highest priority, and I'll be more than willing and eager to assist in resolving any issues. 
࿊  How do I talk to someone about a custom inquiry, an urgent question about my order, etc.?
The best, most effective way to get in touch regarding any customer service-related matters is via email.
But, don't be deterred just yet - you’ll never receive an automated response, or be relegated to communicating via third-party, outsourced customer service agents when working with Paradisiac Dyes. This is genuinely as small as a small, handmade product business possibly gets - guaranteed!
࿊  Will you be attending any upcoming local events at fairs or festivals? Do you ever have tie dye pop-up shops; if so, how do I find out when and where?
As of early 2022, no. If I happen to schedule any fair or festival booths in the future, the date and location will be announced on a banner at the top of the website. That, however, is highly unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.
࿊  What's the difference between 'made-to-order' and 'ready-to-ship' items? How can I easily tell them apart?
A. Made-to-order refers to any product that's quite literally handmade when ordered, while ready-to-ship products are mostly self-explanatory: they're simply finished, ready-to-ship as-is designs.
The easiest way to differentiate between the two is: Made-to-order items never state a specific size in the product title, and always include a drop down menu of various size options on the product page. On the other hand, ready-to-ship items always state a specific size in the product title (i.e, Size Large Psychedelic Rainbowscape), and also reiterate the size, as well as the fact that you'll receive the same exact item as pictured, in the product description.
࿊  Is there any difference between the terms "design" and "pattern", or are they used interchangeably?
Generally, pattern refers to merely the tie/fold technique of a piece, while design refers collectively to both the color scheme and pattern.
But please keep in mind, that's simply how I define and differentiate between the two words here at Paradisiac Psychedelic Hand-Dyed Goods and that may not hold true for others, or elsewhere on the internet.
࿊  I can't find this [insert product here] that I saw previously, is it gone forever? Is there some way to reference pictures of sold-out designs to attach as an example in my request for a recreation?
Yes, check out the Tie Dye Hall of Stains to dig up some of my past one of a kind designs that are no longer available, if you happen to be searching for a long-lost fav and/or would like to reference photos when arranging a custom order for a similar piece. Also, if you'd like to explore some of my past custom projects & the most unique special requests I've ever dyed, check out the this new page I recently made, intended to function as a portfolio of past custom tie dye commissions.
࿊  Do you have more [insert product type here] in [colors/pattern/size/etc.] coming soon? Why is the available selection always so slim?
• Very possibly, yes! Check out the Ultimate Guide to Clothing Available for Custom Tie Dye to explore a complete list (with photos) of all the sizes and styles I keep blanks of on-hand to custom dye on-demand. If your desired shirt or tank style is listed, feel free to reach out to inquire about ordering a custom
Whether it be a recreation of an already listed piece or a color combo and pattern you imagined up yourself - I'll be more than happy to help bring the tie dye design of your dreams to life! I encourage requesting a custom if you don't see precisely what you're looking for primarily because, well...I know damn well that I don't drop new, ready-to-ship designs in all of the different clothing styles available, in all their sizes, consistently like clockwork - as much as I'd love to do just that.
࿊  I'm local - would you be willing to meet-up at a public place/deliver my order, just to avoid the cost of shipping if at all possible - or to prevent possibility of not receiving my order in time if I need it ASAP for a specific date?
No, in-person meet-up or delivery is not an available service. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
But, if you're local and were considering inquiring about something of this nature, but happen to stumble upon this before placing your order — feel free to reach out regardless, and I'll be more than happy to provide a special one-time use promo code for free shipping as a token of my appreciation for your support :)


࿊   Are there any order minimums for custom design requests?
No, your custom commission inquiry will be considered no matter how big or small the potential project size! There's no minimum order total or quantity of items required to request a custom dyed design.
࿊   What would be considered your basic, standard t-shirt style; whatever is the least expensive, but still good quality for custom tees?
The Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt. This classic short sleeve, crewneck style tee is the most commonly featured style site-wide, and is available in the largest selection of sizes (2T-6T, youth XS-XL & adult SM-5XL). 
However, there's many other shirt, tank top and fleece styles available to custom dye in your choice of color and pattern, too. Browse a complete guide to the products and sizes available for custom tie dye requests here.
࿊  Can this [insert design here] be made on a different product (i.e. recreated on a hoodie, bedding or pillowcase set, or different shirt or tank style), instead?
More than likely, yes.
If it's featured on the Ultimate Guide to Clothing Available for Custom Commissions pagewhich details all of the styles and sizes available to dye in your choice of colors and pattern by request, then definitely yes.
In that case, please just get in touch to get your hand-dyed, one-of-a-kind design started!
࿊  How do I request a custom commission? Is there a wait-list?
Please refer to the Ultimate Guide to Custom Tie Dye for in-depth info about all things custom dyed, including how to request a custom design step-by-step.
࿊  Can you do a big order for __ # of shirts?
Yes, please refer to the new Ultimate Guide to Large Quantity, Bulk Order Custom Tie Dye page for more details about custom tie dye tops & tees by the dozen.
࿊  How does pricing work for large, bulk quantity orders? Do you offer any discounts or price breaks?
• If you're interested in ordering custom colored tie dye in quantities of multiple dozens, or even hundreds, bulk discounts at qty may apply.
• For more information regarding patterns eligible for discounts, as well as approximate pricing and processing times by order size, please reference the Ultimate Guide to Bulk Qty Custom Tie Dye page. 
࿊  How do I know what dye colors are available for custom requests? Is there a list of specific shades or something?
To explore the exact colors available for your custom dyed design(s), check out the Complete Guide to Dye Colors Available for Custom Commissionswhich features real, true-to-color swatches on 100% cotton of 100+ fiber reactive dyes are regularly available in abundance for custom projects - no matter how big or small!


Do you offer worldwide shipping?
International shipping is offered for a select handful of countries outside of the USA.
However, if your country is not listed as an already available option at checkout, unfortunately, it's one we don't ship to at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience.
࿊ How do I get in contact ASAP to cancel an order before it ships!?
If you'd like to cancel an order, please reach out via email, or the contact form (both ultimately deliver to the same inbox) as soon as possible to ensure your cancellation request is submitted before your order is shipped. 
If you've already received a shipping confirmation email, it's likely too late to cancel your orderas most are dropped off and in the postal service's possession within a matter of hours of receiving confirmation of shipping.
A good rule of thumb to keep in mind: Most ready-to-ship items ship out the same or next day, oftentimes within hours of the order being placed. Meanwhile, made-to-order items require anywhere from 1-7 business days (depending on product type) to handcraft before shipping.
*To learn more about required make/lead-times based on product type and pattern, there's a page specifically dedicated to outlining approx. processing times for custom tie dye  commissions, completely separate from the shipping information page. 
࿊   What if I decide to cancel my order, but it's already been shipped?
If you inquire about canceling your order after it's been shipped, unfortunately, the only option then, is to return it for a full refund (minus original shipping costs) once it's delivered.
In this scenario, I'll email a printable return shipping label to you, and you'll receive a full refund for the purchase price of the item(s) returned once the item(s) have been delivered back to Paradisiac Dyes. Original shipping costs are non-refundable. 
(please refer to the Refund Policy for more info about product eligibility & other return conditions)
࿊ Why hasn't my order been shipped out? it was placed _ days ago, but I haven't gotten a shipping confirmation email yet?
If you believe the average order processing time for the item(s) in your order has been exceeded, and haven't received an update notifying of a delay, or are sure you've only purchased finished, ready-to-ship item(s), please feel free to reach out to inquire about the whereabouts of your tie dye order. Your satisfaction is my top priority and I'll be glad to assist with resolving any concerns.
࿊ I'd like to place an order but am in a rush / on a deadline and need it delivered by [insert date here], is that at all possible? Can I pay extra to upgrade to Priority Mail Express shipping?
• Depending on the item(s) you're interested in purchasing, yes, I can customize your invoice, or the checkout settings to add Priority Mail Express 1-2 day shipping as an option.
• So long as the item(s) you intend to order are finished, ready-to-ship designs - OR, as long as the processing time required to make either the made-to-order, or custom requested designs, is not likely to interfere with the deadline you hope to receive the package by, then I'll be more than happy to offer Priority Mail Express as a shipping option.
• Please simply get in touch to discuss whether upgrading to expedited shipping is a possibility for your order.
*The only reason it's not an already available option at checkout is in an attempt to ensure order satisfaction, and prevent future situations involving buyers' who opt for 1-2 day shipping whilst ordering made-to-order designs; as doing so will not negate the time required to handcraft your one of a kind designs before the order is ready to ship. Thank you for understanding.
࿊ The shipping cost calculated at checkout doesn't seem right, can you make sure it's the correct amount based on my location and the item(s) in my cart?
Sure thing. Although all products are calibrated with their exact weights to ensure the shipping cost calculated is as accurate as possible, in some rare instances the shipping price has indeed been incorrect; especially for some international buyers. If you suspect the cost of shipping is significantly more than it should be, please feel free to reach out and I'll be glad to double-check.
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