Q: Where are your products made?
A: Both my tie dye and hemp products are handcrafted in my in-home studio. However, I create my hand dyed designs using a large spectrum of different clothing brands which are manufactured in a wide variety of countries.
Q: Who actually makes all of the products available here? Who runs the website/customer service?
A: Hi there! My name is Rhiannon and I'm the one and only person behind Paradisiac Psychedelic Handmade Goods ©. As a fully self taught creativepreneur, my journey originally began in 2014 as shops 'Beach Bum Tie Dye' & 'Hippie Made Hemp Co.' on Etsy, which I later migrated to this same standalone website in December 2017. Fast forward to present day 2020: Paradisiac Dyes is still the literal definition of a one woman operation and a true small business!  I'm the sole person behind everything from: tying, hand dyeing and photographing each item, to writing every webpage, as well as create 100% of my own graphics, logos and social media content. I even double as the ‘customer service rep’, replying to each and every email inquiry personally :) I might very well be juggling what may be perceived as multiple people’s jobs; but I love every moment of this and can't imagine doing anything else (or less!). Please head over About the Brand if you'd like to learn more nonsense about my small business and the person behind it. 
Q: Do you have a physical store location? / Are your products available online only?
A: Yes, Paradisiac Psychedelic Handmade Goods ©, (aka Paradisiac Dyes), is currently an online only business.
Q: Do you have a phone number I can call you at?
A: Unfortunately, no. This is a very small business fully operated by one person only. Due to my busy and unconventional schedule, I’m unavailable to accept phone calls during traditional business hours. However, I’m happy to communicate via email regarding your customer service needs, product questions and custom order requests.
Q: How do I request a custom order? Do you offer wholesale tie dye? Is there a bulk discount for large quantity orders?
A: For all custom order requests, please fill out the Contact Form and I'll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.
I'm always happy and open to accepting large quantity orders. Wholesale pricing or discounts may be applicable. Please contact me for further information and an estimate specific to your custom tie dye order request.
* For custom orders of a dozen or more pieces, please plan to arrange your order far enough in advance to allow at least two weeks production time. This is the time it'll take to physically handcraft your order before it's finished and ready to ship out and does NOT include the initial communication period which entails discussing, organizing and clarifying your order via email.
Please be mindful of this aspect especially if you're working with a strict or fast approaching deadline. (Production time may vary based on the circumstances of your unique custom order, the above statement is intended for example purposes only).
Q:What is your Return/Exchange Policy? What if I order [insert product] and it doesn't fit/I don't like it/etc?
A: Please take a moment to read and understand the Return Policies before placing your order. If you are uncertain about sizing, please reference the Size Guide before placing your order and feel free to Contact Me with any questions if you're unable to locate information for the particular product in question.
◄Q: My [item] doesn't fit as expected, can I return or exchange it?
A: Exchanges are not accepted, as outlined in the Refund Policy. However, If you're for any reason unsatisfied or have a problem with your order, please Contact Me (including your name and Order #) and I'll be happy to help resolve the issue, as I'm committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. 
Q: What fabrics do you use?
A: Most clothing items feature 100% pre-shrunk cotton, but some are cotton blends or consist of other natural fibers such as rayon or linen. Please reference the Product Details of each individual item for information regarding specific material(s).
Q: Wash instructions / Care recommendations for tie dyed fabric? Can I machine wash and/or dry tie dye clothing?
A: Generally, you can safely machine wash tie dye just as you normally wash other like colored clothing items. Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach. Wash in cold water and machine dry on low heat is recommended. However, please always read the Product Details of each specific item as different fabrics have different care requirements. For example, my Rayon Infinity Scarves MUST be hand washed and air dried.
Q: Can you make [insert design and/or clothing item] in a [insert size and/or clothing item] instead?
A: Most likely, yes! Keep in mind the finished results of each hand dyed piece is distinctly unique and genuinely one of a kind, so your replica will slightly vary from the original design it was inspired by. Certain items, such as 'Up Cycled' clothing, for example, cannot be custom ordered as I don't have multiples of those garments. Please Email Me if you have a custom order request or any questions regarding product availability.
Q: Can you screen-print / add wording or a logo to my tie dye shirt(s)?
A: No, unfortunately I do not have the necessary equipment to offer screen-printing or similar at this time. However, you can absolutely have screen-printing or embroidery applied by a third party to finished tie dye clothing and fabrics without problem.
Are there any specific care instructions/recommendations for maintaining Hemp Jewelry?
Yes, there are a few simple measures you can take to help maintain and preserve the texture, strength and overall lifespan of your hemp jewelry.
My most important tip personally: avoid getting hemp jewelry wet when possible. Always remove before swimming, bathing or showering. Hemp is a natural fiber that tends to be rough and stiff initially, but the fibers relax and as a result soften over time. Wetting your hemp will accelerate this softening process, but repeated and/or prolonged exposure will only serve to help significantly weakens the fiber, making it prematurely prone to breakage.
Q: I forgot to use my discount code at checkout / I stumbled across a coupon code after placing my order...
A: Sorry, coupon codes must be entered while placing your order, at the time of checkout, in order to qualify to receive the discount. Please be sure to give us a quick peek on social media before placing your order as we oftentimes offer exclusive flash sales and coupon codes.
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Q: Do you offer international shipping?
A: Yes! Please simply select your country from the drop down menu in the Shipping Address section of the Customer Information page of checkout.
Q: Will additional customs duty taxes apply to my order? (International Orders Only)
A: Custom duties and VAT (Value Added Tax) is determined upon inspection by Customs. Additional taxes and fees may be applied to your package before it's released for delivery depending on the destination country’s laws and policies regarding Custom Duties, taxes and the products they apply to. Please always assume that there will be additional taxes imposed and due upon delivery if you are ordering internationally.
Q: I left a review, why hasn’t it shown up?
A: All reviews are manually screened before approving to ensure all reviews are legitimate and written only by those who have actually placed an order for the specific item(s) being rated and reviewing. Reviews from those who've not done business with Paradisiac Psychedelic Handmade Goods (Formerly Detroit Tie Dye Co.) in the past will not be approved. This is solely to ensure all product reviews are based on a legitimate past purchase. Positive, negative or in between, all reviews will be published so long as it's of a product the writer has genuinely purchased.
Q: Why does ____ cost more than ____ ?
A: Prices are carefully calculated and vary based on many different factors. Here are a few of the primary factors taken into consideration when pricing:
Brand — Please note the brand of each item, which is noted at the top of each individual product description. I dye a wide variety of clothing brands, some of which cost more to supply than others. Also, please keep in mind sizes 2XL and up always cost more. Generally across all clothing brands, each size after XXL (up to 5XL) increases in price for me to supply, even from wholesalers.
Pattern/Design — All of my products are handcrafted; each pattern individually folded. Some of these patterns are significantly more time consuming than others and therefore cost more in time and labor to produce.
Custom Made vs. Ready To Ship — Ready-to-Ship items are finished pieces listed in a specific size, while Custom Made to Order items are handmade when ordered and will always cost more than Ready to Ship products (For example, most Ready to Ship tie dye t-shirts are generally between $18-26 while Custom Made to Order design options for the same brand and style of t-shirts can be $22-34+). If you request a custom replica of a Ready to Ship product's design, please keep in mind it will not always necessarily be the same price as the Ready to Ship equivalent. This part depends on factors such as a situation requiring supplying a specific shade of dye or another component not regularly kept in my collection, in order to complete your custom request.